Professional Software


Range Bar Charting

Our state-of-the-art charting software is based on displaying pure price movement and not the standard time frame based charting formula.  Range Bar charting gives you the ability to track the pairs in specific price ranges to create more consistent chart views, thus improving the performance of all technical studies and tools.  Range Bars reduce lag from indicators and oscillators, removing chart noise and improving indications for entering and exiting trades.  FiboLivePro's pure pricing design structure allows for clearer charting and provides you with the ability to have better technical pattern recognition and decision making abilities.

Dynamic Fibonacci Grids

The Grids were designed to help you anticipate potential currency movements using dynamically updating Fibonacci bands across multiple time frames and displaying all the information from multiple charts clearly and simultaneously in one consolidated view.  You instantly see support and resistance across 5 time frames with all the data displayed in a single window requiring no more screen space than the average portable device.  This same data would take considerably more time to analyze on 5 different charts one by one verses the benefit of 1 single display showing you the support/resistance levels and any congested areas.  Accurately tracking the Fibonacci Grid levels at all times is vitally important in Forex trading and our consolidated bird's eye view does this specifically, providing you with a distinct advantage.

Individual Currency Indexes

Our individual USD, GBP, EUR and JPY indexes offer you a clarity advantage.  The world economy was much different 46 years when the original dollar index was created.  So we took an updated approach to create separate indexes and adjusted them to reflect modern currency weightings.  Disassembling the pairs and isolating each currency shows its strength or weakness versus the others and allows you to identify which pairs have the best potential and focus on the more ideal situations.  Our individual currency indexes are designed to help you select the best pairings and confirm charting patterns.  You will use them to get a better feel for the trend and direction of each currency individually to help determine the most ideal pair(s) to trade and more importantly which to avoid, providing you with a beneficial tool set.

Primary and Re-Engagement Trades Long

Primary and Re-Engagement Trades Long