Investment Advisory


Professional Fee Based Asset Management

US Equity Growth Portfolio
Our equity Portfolio seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in domestic equity securities of various market capitalizations, with the ability to take temporary defensive positions  in cash or cash equivalents in response to adverse market, economic, political, or other conditions. Under normal market conditions, the portfolio pursues its objective by investing at least 80% of its net  assets in equity  securities of companies based in the United States.

Corporate Bond Income Portfolio
Our income fund seeks attractive total returns from income and price appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of debt issued by corporations and other non-government issuers. We focus on high and medium quality sectors of the credit market, while our investment process leads to an emphasis on  larger capitalization issuers. Corporate bond prices generally behave differently from stocks, so they can offer diversification benefits to a portfolio. The wide selection of corporate bonds also makes it possible to diversify by issuer, industry, maturity, credit ratings, and interest payment schedule.

Independent Investment Research
We specialize in the analysis of small to mid-cap listed companies and  provide research coverage for the equity market which includes listed and unlisted managed investments, small cap research coverage and other investment products. We look at the status of the underlying business and management; and attractiveness of the valuation based upon acceptable valuation methodology. The firm provides coverage on companies providing fundamental commentary on all market sensitive announcements.